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Our Residential Facility

     Transitioning into adulthood is tough. It is a time of drastic change in so many areas. Now imagine not having family support, no high school diploma, or anyone to protect you from all the harshness of society. For many, these problems are also coupled with mental health disorders/illnesses. This formula leads to negative outcomes, such as incarceration, addiction, human trafficking, unplanned pregnancies and many other detrimental outcomes. Kaylyn's House of Joy's program is designed to combat such results by assisting teen girls and young ladies in overcoming their trauma, setting goals, and achieving self-sufficiency. 

     Our pre-independent living, residential treatment facility offers 24-hour care to abused, misguided, and/or neglected females teens and young adults. We offer emergency, short-term and long-term care to those females in need ages 18-23. Kaylyn's House of Joy (KHJ) offers their clients the individualized help needed to find JOY and lead productive meaningful lives. Whether struggling to complete high school or GED, battling drug or alcohol abuse, escaping violence, or mental health issues. Our goal is that all teen girls and young ladies entering our program achieve life-long independence. We believe that all young girls can grow to become great women granted they have the right support, and consistent, tangible mentors and role models.  

    Located in Louisville, KY, our "home" is dedicated to providing a safe, alternative living environment. While in our home, we teach independent living by allowing residents to meal plan, assist with meal planning, household shopping, household chores, planning recreation activities, and promoting self-improvement hobbies. Participants will also take developmental classes, life skills trainings, individual/group therapy, and drug & alcohol classes when necessary. Teens and young ladies living in Kaylyn's House will also have peer support specialist who help them cope with the negatives of the past, confront distractions that exist today, and take advantage of all positive, life changing opportunities available. 

In our program, the participants will: 

  • develop effective ways of communication to obtain employment, make appointments, receive proper healthcare, and other resources 

  • achieve, at minimum, a high school diploma or GED 

  • learn the strength, endurance, and confidence needed to find purpose, set goals, and achieve them

  • learn skills needed to maintain self-sufficiency, healthy interpersonal relationships, and overall wellness

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Our Vision

Kaylyn’s House of Joy’s vision is that every young lady transitions into adulthood safely with the opportunity at a successful future.

We are dedicated to providing a safe living environment while preparing adolescent females for adulthood and self-sufficiency.

Our Mission


America’s most disproportionately, disadvantaged socioeconomic racial group is- the girls of color.


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