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Who We Are



A 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that every socioeconomically disadvantaged adolescent female is equipped with the skills and support needed to live a healthy, independent adult life. 

Become a volunteer. Bring your talent, time, and resources to assist us in creating positive outcomes for "at-risk" teen girls and young ladies. Your actions today is sure to have far-reaching effects. 

Donate today, it goes a long way!! Help us provide safe, transitional housing and support services to young ladies who have been abused, neglected, misguided, and/or facing homelessness. Click here.

Changing how it all ends by creating opportunities today.

*all donations are tax deductible

Kaylyn's House of Joy, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing

homeless, abuse, neglected, and misguided adolescent females with the safe, supportive

housing, while equipping them with the skills, tools, and resources needed to obtain self-sufficiency into adulthood.

During their time in our residential program, we provide them with

independent living skills, individual and group therapy, peer support services, job readiness

skills, educational support, mentorship, transportation services, and access to community

resources. Adolescents are allowed to stay in our home, without charge to them, up until

permanent housing is obtained, family reunification can be made, or they transition out to

another program. Once a client exits from our residential program, we continue to provide

follow-up services to ensure a smooth transition and their ability to maintain in adulthood. Our

program eliminates the gap for adolescent females who have had little to no support during

their developmental stages.



Currently we have an 8-bed residential facility with 24-hr staff support, and a graduated housing program. Our graduated housing program allows client to live independently and gain real-life experiences.


Education &Self-development 

We assist our participants with paths needed to achieve their:

-HS Diploma, GED, trade program, or college. 

- Permit/ Drivers License attainment

-LifeSkills, morals, and values


Mental Health. Wellness and  Community Resources

We provide individual & group therapy to assist clients in dealing with their past and present. We also provide wellness programs to uplift and teach coping skills, social skills, and gain knowledge of the different resources offered that will assist them in their everyday life.  

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